We’re all more connected than ever, but studies show that Americans’ feelings of loneliness and isolation have doubled since the 80s. Obviously, this blog is not as good as face-to-face interaction, but I AM SERIOUSLY TRYING TO ENGAGE WITH YOU through the posts I write. For some reason, I really want to express certain thoughts that come to me and I really hope you’ll have something to say in response. ALL COMMENTS WELCOME, even if they seem ‘boring’ or ‘not worth typing.’ What’s weird, and probably dumb, is I’m not selling anything on this site. Amazon Prime is selling my movie for me. So, if you subscribe to this site, you’ll be notified whenever I write a new post, but I won’t be bugging you to buy anything. Oh, and I don’t post often. Just when I’m procrastinating writing a script. Anyway. My hope is that we’ll both feel a little less alone when we interact here.