New movie coming soon

My new feature about marriage, life, and what not. If you follow @bedroomstorymovie on Instagram, you’ll get the latest news. (I know, I know—fucking Instagram. But what’re you gonna do? Live in a cave?) (Actually, that’s starting to sound appealing.)

My first movie is about four L.A. couples who gather for a dinner party and decide to play 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Over a million people have streamed it and it’s “One of the Sexiest Movies on Amazon,” according to culture-curating site Thrillist. com. (Along with Dirty Dancing!)

Right now, I’m finishing a series about what it’s like to try to make it in L.A. It’s called, “This Fucking Town.” Below are the first 3 episodes. These aren’t cat videos that you can just skim, Mr. or Ms. ADHD. Make a snack or get yourself a beverage, settle in, and find out what it’s like to live in Hollywood.

Below, a short video about a popular Houston news anchor, hottie Dominique Sachse.

Over 40? Haven’t achieved your dreams? Dealing with existential panic? You’re not alone. Studies show that people in all socio-economic strata and across all countries typically experience a downturn in happiness in midlife, with the lowest point occurring on average around 46yo. Social scientists call it the “midlife slump.” I call it bullshit. These super-short videos might cheer you up. Sort of.