My first movie is about four L.A. couples who gather for a dinner party and decide to play 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Over a million people have streamed it and it’s “One of the Sexiest Movies on Amazon,” according to culture-curating site Thrillist. com.¬†(Along with Dirty Dancing!)

Right now, I’m finishing a series about what it’s like to try to make it in L.A. It’s called, “This Fucking Town.” Here are the first 3 episodes. These aren’t cat videos that you can just skim, Mr. or Ms. ADHD. Make a snack or get yourself a beverage, settle in, and find out what it’s like to live in Hollywood.

This is a short video about popular Houston news anchor Dominique Sachse.

Losing your looks? Haven’t achieved your dreams? Dealing with existential panic? You’re not alone. Studies show that people in all socio-economic strata and across all countries typically experience a downturn in happiness in midlife, with the lowest point occurring on average around 46yo. Social scientists refer to it as the “midlife slump.” These short videos are about this bullshit time in life.