My name is Courtney Daniels and I’m a writer-director. I made my first movie in 2011. It was so stressful, I thought it would kill me. Every morning, when I was driving to the house we were shooting at, here in LA, I wanted so badly to just keep driving. All the way to Long Beach. This year, I made another movie, about a long-married couple who hits a rough patch. It’s called Bedroom Story. It was stressful, too, but all that happened was I got a cold.

Besides pressuring people to listen to the music of their heart, I like the ’80s, muscle cars, matcha lattes, and anyone with a strong┬áregional accent.┬áI think astrology is b.s., but I’m a Scorpio. What are you? I don’t know the traits of each sign, so you’ll have to tell me. Then I’ll say, “Wow, you’re SUCH a Virgo.”

Whatever sign you are, I hope you’ll stick around. We’ve got stuff to break down together! To receive notice when I write new posts, or if you want to know when my new movie is out, please click the Subscribe button. You won’t regret it, I promise. I barely ever post. These movies and web series don’t write themselves!

Speaking of, the next time you’re sitting on the couch all ready to watch a movie and can’t think of anything and want to scream, consider watching mine! “What Other Couples Do.” You can check out the trailer here on my site, on the Home page. Hope you love it! xo