What kind of work do you love the most?


I like career tests almost as much as I like personality quizzes*. And yesterday I stumbled upon a really good one, called the Sparketype Test. The guy who created it,¬†Jonathan Fields, has a podcast called the Good Life Project. He has interviewed all the usual suspects (another Brene Brown/Seth Godin/Elizabeth Gilbert interview, anyone? Sure. Why not? I always learn something new). I like his gentle, seemingly ego-free personality and the questions he asks guests (ending with, “When you hear the phrase ‘good life’–‘live a good life’–what does that mean to you?”).

He has extensive experience working with big groups of people on the topic of finding meaning and purpose, particularly as it pertains to work, and after seeing patterns emerge again and again, he came up with a test for helping people identify the type of work that “lights them up” (thus, “Sparketype”). I already know what kind of work I love (the reason I know, for sure, is because each time I finish shooting something, I make a list of other things I like to do that would be easier and likely more profitable, but I never can commit to doing any of them, so I suck it up and start writing the next script). Anyway, I can’t resist a self-test so I took it. And I found the questions really interesting, and sort of surprising. He has identified certain categories of work that, weirdly, I hadn’t recognized or thought of in quite the same way til I saw his phrasing.

Before you take the test, he tells you to answer honestly–don’t pick responses that reflect how you’d like to be, or how you think you should be. (I was glad he said this because I might’ve been tempted to side with some of the more altruistic statements in the test. Even though I of course like helping others, it turns out this is not my driver regarding work. In his follow-up “Sparketype Mastery Guide,” he explains why this is not something to feel bad about.)

If you take the test (which is quick, and free), let me know what Sparketype you are. My Sparketype is “The Maker” (making ideas manifest) and my secondary/shadow Sparketype is “The Maven” (driven to learn). Your secondary Sparketype is not necessarily a type of work you should pursue but instead an activity you probably perform ‘in service to’ your primary Sparketype (i.e., I learn about a particular topic so that I can make better things).

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Sparketype – The Test

*The two best personality tests ever:

  • Gretchen Rubin’s “The Four Tendencies” (apparently, most people are either a Questioner or an Obliger. The rarer types are Upholders and Rebels. Rubin has figured out how to work around the challenges you face, depending on your type, so that you can attain any goal, finishing whatever you start):¬†https://quiz.gretchenrubin.com/four-tendencies-quiz/


  1. Thank you! The test was really interesting.
    You always point me to new and thought-provoking things. You are definitely a curator for me. Thank you, really!

  2. Marcy Vaughn says

    That was spot on!!! My primary was Nurturer and shadow was Essentionalist… thanks Courtney love following everything you do!!!

    • Marcy, this means so much to me. Thank you for saying so! I’ve not had anyone check in with a Nurturer/Essentialist combo! So interesting! I bet this driver (Nurturing) shows up in how you approach your work as an accountant–like, I could see your having the mindset of taking care of clients, helping to make them secure. And don’t even get me started on this Essentialist driver–I find it fascinating. Such a valuable function/skill.

  3. Hi, I’m an Advisor/Scientist which makes sense since I’ve been a consultant all of my career and a career coach now which I feel is my dream job.

    • I knew you had to have Scientist as one of your types, when I saw its “loves solving problems” description! But I would’ve thought it’s your primary Sparketype! You are great at career coaching and I love that you are doing your dream work!

  4. On Helen Fisher’s scale, I’m a Negotiator/Explorer:
    Your score on the Explorer scale is 31 out of a possible high score of 48, or 65%.
    Your score on the Builder scale is 25 out of a possible 48, or 52%.
    Your score on the Director scale is 26 out of a possible 48, or 54%.
    Your score on the Negotiator scale is 39 out of a possible 48, or 81%.

  5. And on Gretchen Rubin’s scale, I’m a Questioner.

  6. Interesting! As narcissistic as it may be, I love a quiz that’s all about me! I’m a Performer/Maker, which makes me a little sad, because I’ve given up performing for so long. If I’m honest, it’s probably what I enjoy most about teaching and writing for that matter. I like to entertain. And right now I’m not doing any of it. No wonder I’m having a mid-life crisis!

    • Kelly, somehow I am just now seeing this comment from you. Dang–cannot believe you’re a Performer first!!! F—k!! How we gonna get you performing again?! I love the idea of teaching and writing allowing you to perform/entertain. We gotta discuss this further next time our book club meets up.

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